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Best Shopping in Bangkok: Platinum Fashion Mall

Posted on April 7, 2017 in General

Shopping options are limited in the south of Thailand, so I tend to pick up my new clothes when I get a chance to visit Bangkok. One of my favourite places to shop is the Platinum Fashion Mall, which is located close to Chit Lom BTS (from the station, walk to Central World, then use the elevated walkway).

Compared to other malls in Bangkok, of which there are many, products at Platinum tend to be on the cheap side. The quality isn’t quite what you’d find in a brand name store, but for t-shirts and other simple clothes I don’t need anything particularly fancy — simple stuff from China will do the job just fine.

Anyway, most of the big brands make their clothes in the exact same factories.

One advantage of Platinum is that it has an excellent food court. I swear the food court there is one of the best in Thailand. Prices are cheap, as you’ll find at most food courts in Thailand, and the quality of the food is excellent.

My haul from my last trip included:

Thinking of visiting Platinum? Gate 20 has a great guide to “surviving” in the mall (it can be a bit of a confusing place at times because of the long, thin aisles) that’s great for first timers in Bangkok.