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Beachwear Guide for the Tropics

Posted on July 19, 2016 in General

Life in a tropical country is hot, especially at the beach. Here are five essentials for a great day at or by the beach in hot tropical weather, from sun protection to summer clothing and accessory essentials.

Light Clothing

Since it gets so hot during the day, light clothing is vital if you want to feel comfortable and avoid sweating so much. Light cotton t-shirts are great for on top. I like this style of t-shirt, which doesn’t get so moist on hot weather. For women, products like silicone nipple covers¬†offer better comfort than a bra without getting sweaty during the daytime.

Sun Protection

The sun here is extremely intense, and sun protection is a must if you’re visiting the beach during the daytime. Stick with an SPF15+ sunscreen, which will keep you protected even in the hottest sun. Make sure you reapply it after you go in the water.

Hat and Sunglasses

If you’re going to spend all day at the beach, pick up a hat and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes from the sun. You’ll prefer it to constantly looking away from the sun or squinting all day, trust me.

Waterproof Cellphone Bag

This waterproof cellphone bag is a life saver for me. You can also pack some money inside, in case you need to buy anything while you’re there. It’s small enough to fit inside your clothes while you’re swimming, making it safer than bringing your wallet to the beach with you.


Hot weather means dehydration and heatstroke are real risks, especially if you plan to spend all day at the beach. I recommend packing some water with you, at least one litre if you want to spend several hours at the beach in direct sunlight.